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Intl Students Center

Intel Students

Vancouver International Student Health Home

Boren Tang opened an exclusive outpatient clinic for international students to provide health care services for international students who live alone in Vancouver and need medical and health assistance. Since 2011, we have treated thousands of international student patients. It covers all age levels from middle school students to college students.
There are various types of diseases, such as colds and fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, insomnia, acne, skin diseases, menstrual diseases, cervical spine diseases, low back pain and other common diseases in young people.
During the communication with many students, we learned that their health needs, these young people have their own specific scope and focus. They live and study overseas alone. When they encounter various diseases, they often delay treatment time because there is no fast and reliable medical treatment around them, which increases physical and mental pain, and also affects their studies and daily life. Therefore, in response to the study pressure and living habits of international students here, combined with the local environment and climate change, this service platform is specially set up to provide them with convenient health services and an effective channel for doctor-patient communication.
On the occasion of the establishment of this international student health platform, we launched corresponding medical discount service activities for international students.

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Free cervical and lumbar examination
Free health consultation
* Please bring a valid student ID when you first visit.